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Name:Inception Reverse Bang
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Inception Reverse Bang
Reverse Bang It
This is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge - each artist creates at least one piece of art, which is then posted anonymously and claimed by an author.

Authors are then expected to write a short fic (minimum of 3,000 words) based on the art they chose.
Explanation & Rules


Monday, April 6: Artist and Author sign-ups open
Sunday, May 31: Artist Sign Ups close

Sunday, June 7: Artists’ works are due
Saturday, June 13: Art Claims
Saturday, June 20: The Big Reveal of Artist/Author Matchups

Friday, July 10: Author Check in
Friday, August 7: Author Check in
Sunday, September 13: Stories due
Sunday, September 20: Posting Schedule goes up

Thursday, October 1: Posting begins

Contact us

The mods are: bauble, chibi_lurrel, chosenfire28, cs_whitewolf, sibilantly, &keelain

You can leave us a comment on the FAQ post, or email us


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